FASD in Education

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As an increasing number of children and young people are being diagnosed with FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders), teachers and parents are looking to find appropriate support, resources and information to help these children achieve educationally.  As a result, The FASD Trust has set up this project, FASD in Education in order to provide resources and information for teachers, educational esablishments and parents, as well as a Home School Hub for the many parents who are choosing to home school their FASD affected children.

Parents -  join our Home School Hub or find out more about how to support your child in school.  

Teachers - find out how to be an FASD in Education Champion & training and information options.  

Discover resources for anyone educating children with FASD, research and much more.

Please do contact us with your questions or feedback.  

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FASD In Education Training days are now nationwide

Please Click here for dates and locations of Training sessions near you!